Five Star Payment Service

When Producers (buyers) source creative talent with the service, they pay the filmmaker using the Five Star Plan - a payment administration and quality control service that helps buyers and filmmakers simplify the contracting, creative approval and payment processes. The Five Star Plan helps Producers and Filmmakers conduct business with a:


 Standard contract and intellectual property templating that makes doing business so much easier
 Invoice production and payment processing that reduces administration for everyone
 Payment processing that sets aside money for the Filmmaker and  releases payments when the Producer is satisfied
 Dispute resolution service that provides comfort to Producers and Filmmakers
 Buyer satisfaction program that helps Producers quickly solve any issues
At, Producer and Filmmaker agree that payments are made as follows, and that assists if necessary (see Five Star Plan Policy for details):
  • Producer pays 50% of project price ("Deposit")
  • Filmmaker submits a well developed version of the film (either a "Rough Cut" or "Fine Cut")* 
  • Producer accepts or declines submission within two weeks of receipt, otherwise submission is deemed to be accepted
  • Producer gives Filmmaker feedback to improve film within this period
  • Filmmaker proceeds to complete and deliver Final Version of the film
  • makes payments to Filmmaker net of fees


If the Filmmaker cannot satisfy the Producer with Rough Cut or Fine Cut:
  • MyFilmmaker speaks with Filmmaker and Producer to determine alternatives
  • engages another filmmaker to produce another Rough or Fine Cut
  • If second filmmaker's submission satisfies the Producer, pays the second filmmaker
  •  Second filmmaker completes and delivers Final Version



If second Filmmaker Rough Cut is unacceptable to Producer, arbitrates in accordance with Marketplace User Agreement and Policies.
Rough Cut - This is the point in the editing process at which the majority of footage has been trimmed and the video is complete in its narrative flow but has some rough edges. Typically, there are no finalized titles and graphics, no special effects and audio mix has not been completed.

 Fine Cut - At this point in the editing process, the film has been well-tuned and includes titles, graphics and special effects. No major changes remain.


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